About Premier Swiss LLC

Premier Swiss was founded in 2018 in Addison, IL to meet the demand for high precision swiss turned components in various industries such as hydraulics, automotive, defense, aerospace, medical, and electronics. The main goal was to provide high quality swiss turned components at the lowest cost possible by using top of the line equipment. We created processes that would allow minimal operator intervention and, in most cases, unattended production. Premier Swiss started with 2 Tornos swiss machines, a Deco 10 (9 axis) and a Deco 20 (10 axis). Tornos is a machine builder from Switzerland that manufactures high end swiss machines. In 2019, 3 more machines were added to the Premier Swiss arsenal, a Tornos Deco 13 (10 axis) and two Deco 10s (7 axis). In 2020, Premier Swiss produced more than 300,000 ventilator parts for the medial industry to fight against covid-19. By the end of 2020 a new machine Tornos GT26 was added to increase capacity for our customers.

More About Us

Premier Swiss LLC provides swiss turning services. From initial prototypes to high volume production, we make sure our products are made to the highest precision.

Premier Swiss LLC – Parts Made With The Highest Precision