Swiss Screw Machining

What Is Swiss Screw Machining?

First, we need to discuss what a swiss screw machine is. A swiss screw machine is an automatic lathe that can quickly manufacture high precision screws. These machines can also output a high volume of screws.

Swiss screw machines can be set up to automatically load blanks and unload finished screws much faster than a human possibly could. They can produce a screw with more accuracy and less downtime than traditional machining, ensuring production of your part stays on track.

The “swiss” in swiss screw machining is there to signify that a swiss type automatic lathe is in use. A traditional lathe works by the machine rotating the workpiece in a fixed position. A swiss lathe also rotates the workpiece, but is can also move in the z-direction, back and forth in relation to the tool. Another difference is that multiple tools can be used simultaneously, improving production speeds.

Increase Production Efficiency with Swiss Screw Machining

As stated above, swiss screw machines can rotate and move in the z-direction simultaneously. They can also use multiple tools at once.  These tools can also move with relation to the workpiece while cutting. All of these factor dramatically increase the efficiency of swiss screw machining.

Swiss screw machines also have secondary machining capabilities. These capabilities include slotting, cross drilling, cross tapping, back drilling, and others, reducing the need for additional machining steps in your part’s production process.

Demonstration of Tornos GT 26

This video demonstrates the functionality of one the machines we have in our arsenal, the Tornos GT 26. At Premier Swiss LLC, we love Tornos machines and use them exclusively. Based in Switzerland, Tornos has been making machines since 1914.

Supreme Precision for Metals & Plastics

Swiss screw machining excels at tight tolerances and high part complexity. They are fully capable of running a wide variety of metals or plastics.

Tight tolerances are achievable because the workpiece is supported very close to the tooling operation. This high precision is achievable even on fairly small parts. 

High complexity is also achievable because of how the workpiece is supported and also because of the wide variety of tools that can be used in this process. Thin walls, delicate features, and deep cuts are available on swiss screw machines. 

Faster production pace than most other types of CNC machines is also achievable. This is because many parts can be manufactured from a single piece of bar stock. Swiss machining can often approach speeds of nearly 30 parts per hour, but this varies depending on the size and complexity of the piece. 

Parts can ship faster because of the reduced need for additional steps in the machining process. So many processes can be done in the swiss screw machine that often parts don’t need any additional steps in their production process. 

24/7 Production for Your Parts

Swiss screw machines also allow for around-the-clock production on your parts. The high level of automation in the machines means that part production requires little human input. 

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